MACH ATCH ARCHEX Windsor’s Grand Slam,

whistmarch12 2

HOF WTCH Diamond S Dox Sidekick RTDs, DNA-CP x HOF Windsor’s Bad Boy ATDd OTDs , Certified Service Dog, DNA-VP

Black bi, red factored 19 1/2 inches, 43 pounds, scissors bite/full dentition, DNA-VP
1/1/06 – 4/27/20
ASCA/AKC registered

CHIC# 71692
OFA Excellent AS-24174E24M-PI
Elbows clear AS-EL2904M24-PI
Eyes clear CERF AS-348625 3/13/2011
HSF-4 clear
PRA normal/clear
CEA/CH normal
MDR1 Mutant/Normal

Whist is an intense, driven, and fast dog who puts his whole being into what he does. He’s an interesting combination of going all out at some times and thinking carefully at others. He also is an interesting combination of biddability/wanting to do what I want him to do and independent. He absolutely loves agility and running him in it is a huge rush for me.

Other people tell me all of the time that they love watching him and he has his own agility fan club. He runs in the 5-6 YPS range on some courses. He has a ton of talent on stock which has only been limited by my ability. He’s got a fair amount of eye, rates naturally and often stops and stands or downs on his own at appropriate times. He does have some fear of tight spaces when working stock. He loves to race in flyball and has his own patented ‘Whist Twist’ after crossing the finish line. Whist has a great off switch too and easily settles in the house, car, while I’m walking a course or until it’s time to do something. Playing fetch with toys indoors or ball outdoors is a favorite past time. He loves to sleep touching me but has never been an ‘in your face’ kind of dog and tends to be reserved or aloof with strangers or sometimes even people he knows when there’s activities around.

Whist did pet therapy work with me and our other dogs since he was a puppy and is appropriately gentle in those situations. He’s also gentle with puppies and dogs smaller than he is but can play hard with dogs that are up for that style of play. He does have some reactivity and movement sensitivity, and is not as confident as I’d like to see but those are issues we manage and I find are far outweighed by all of the really great qualities that he has.

Qualified in MVA at 18 months old at ASCA nationals,
#4 FAST and #7 JWW Excellent A 20″ dog for 2010 in USASA,
RL1 & RL3 Awards of Excellence, #1 Aussie in flyball, #29 overall
in NAFA flyball, NAFA Iron Dog award, Top 50 2011, 2010 & 2009, 113 2008 – his first year racing Member of 2010 & 2011,
3rd place  Multibreed team for region 15

Some of the activities we enjoy together…agility, dock diving, flyball, scent work & working stock….

Thank you to Mary Hawley of Windsor for Whist!