Legacy’s Classical Jazz CGC, CDX (AKC/ASCA), AX, MXJ, PD1, O-EAC-V, S-EJC-V, EGC, RV-N, GV-N, JV-O, FDCh, STDs,d

1998 NADAC Agility Nationals Competitor
2000 ASCA Nationals Qualifier – MVA &
HIT Veteran (Agility) & HIT Veteran at the Agility Pre-National
Jazz was the oldest competitor in MVA at 10 years of age!

Jazz was my first Aussie but there will never be another like him. I could write about him forever and how wonderful he was in so many ways. His titles and accomplishments only tell a small part of the story. Goodbye my friend, you were, very simply, the best.

Jazz and Marlin in a hotel room. Something not allowed at home 🙂